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Raiz de Portugal

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17 Jun

20h00 - 23h00

3 Horas



Escola Primária de Fontanelas,


Woman Root is a circle of women, idealized to welcome all women - of all ages, ethnicities, religions and cultures - where one walks in the discoveries of openness of heart and inner freedom.
A path where it becomes possible to discover a new sense of sisterhood and where it's possible learn to expand the natural beauty, in union.

Along with other women, I try to study and develop new skills within the feminine sensibility. I want to bring to consciousness different ways of approaching emotions and themes, such as: the fortification of our roots, energy and uterine self-awareness, presence of spirit, nourishment and music from the soul.
A dream that is born of a deep desire to take care of myself and each woman, through a healthy union, and to recover self-love, natural beauty and a loving look on each thing. Above all, a dream that brings to reality a vision where it's possible learn to listen, to receive and accompanies and encourages the constant rebirths of the authenticity of each one.
I believe that together we can recreate security, sweetness and depth within ourselves and that in this way, we help to rekindle our soul, the soul of the feminine and the soul of the Earth.
It is during this process of sharing and opening of consciousness that it's possible learn to recover a better quality of life and to value the importance of the manifestation of each one in a circle.
It is also like this, that the scars of our heart are turning into deeper and more fertile roots.

I call for women who wish to find their brightness and a safe place within themselves!
I call for women who wish to become their own home, their own land!


Sara Rica

Communicator, self-taught musician, human and spiritual development therapist and photographer.
Having studied the sciences of communication and music as a basis, she worked in several different social and communication areas. And so, she realized that in all of them it is necessary and very important to care for and nourish a humanized vision about each person and situation.
She is dedicated to deepening and collecting learnings that are based on the process of opening your heart and your conscience, based on your history and life experience, ancestral knowledge, music, principles of Shamanism, Multidimensional Therapy - healing by the Heart, Reiki, the Sacred Medicines of the Earth and the presence in Circle.
Music and voice are part of her path, being it the strength, the guiding thread and the search engine of the rescue of its essence.
Raiz de Portugal is the project that accompanies her inner path and evolution. Because she believes in the depth and purpose of the soul of her country, wishing to celebrate it at home and in the world.
Her vision, through this project, is to share her experiences and contribute to the awakening of a new consciousness and union, emancipating the true meaning of love, sensitivity, strength, natural beauty and existence.



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