A Roda da Cura - Um curso de Instrução em Medicina Herbal

Quinta do Rajo

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18 Jan

08 Fev

29 Fev

09h30 - 18h00

5 Dias



Quinta do Rajo,


This five-part series is an introduction to therapeutic herbalism, guided by taste, smell and touch. Participants will have the opportunity to taste various herbs and learn techniques for making herbal medicine part of everyday life. Each day’s schedule will allow for time with live plants in the garden, samples for the senses and information to take home. This course is taught in English (with translation into Portuguese if necessary) in an interactive and instructional format.


  • 18 January 2020
  • 08 February 2020
  • 29 February 2020
  • 14 March 2020
  • 04 April 2020

Every day will be from 10:30 to 17:30, with a 90-minute lunch break at 13:00.

Feel free to bring snacks and water!


Prices & Subscription:

Full Training – 240€

Per module – 50€




1.Jan. 18th – Sweet Medicine: Herbal Tonics for the Immune & Nervous System with Fernanda & Olivia

Discover sweet fruits (Schisandra Berry), roots (licorice), & shoots (oat straw) that support the immune system and calm the nervous system. Learn how these two body systems are intertwined and how tonic herbal remedies and foods can help balance both.


2. Feb. 8th – Salty Medicine: Mineral-rich Herbs that Nourish and Detoxify with Fernanda & Olivia

Detoxification is a hot topic in holistic health circles, often ending up being overpriced fad diets and extreme protocols. Join us for this day of exploring safe, easy, natural, and affordable ways to gently detoxify the body. Participants will learn specific remedies that have special affinities to our detoxification organs, such as nettles, dandelion, and red clover while sampling nourishing broth of mushroom and seaweed.


3. Feb. 29th – Bitter & Acrid Medicine: The Connection between Gut Health & Gut Instincts with Olivia

Bitter herbs such as artichoke and chamomile have a long history as digestive remedies. Acrid herbs, such as blue vervain and wild lettuce are powerful even in small doses, helping us quiet the racing mind and ease into our knowing body. Learn how to extract, use and dose these potent plants that do so much for the stomach and spirit.


4. March 14th- Aromatic & Pungent Medicine: Heart Remedies with Fernanda and Olivia

Aromatic plants such as lemon balm and lavender have the ability to shift one’s mood and open the heart. Spicy herbs like ginger and cayenne are often used to improve circulation and relieve stagnation. Join us in a day of exploring how plants rich in volatiles can bring more movement and joy into everyday life.


5. April 4th – Sour & Astringent medicine: Herbal support for our outer and inner skin with Fernanda and Olivia

Sour and astringent herbs are typically used to reducing inflammation both internally and topically. Meet agrimony, red raspberry leaf, and plantain, just a few astringent herbal allies. Sample fermented foods and herbal vinegar infusions, two examples of “sour” foods.

Join us in a day for exploring common and not so common remedies for keeping you cool!



The activity will take place with a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 20.

The Workshop will be bilingual in English and Portuguese.


About Fernanda Botelho:


Fernanda Botelho was born in Tojeira / Sintra in August 1959.

At 18 she travels to London where she studies anthroposophy and medicinal plants, Waldorf pedagogy and
Montessori, yoga, photography, etc. There he lived 17 years speckled by many other trips; India, Indonesia,
North and South America, the Caribbean, Italy, France, Morocco, Greece, etc.

Passionate about botanical gardens, she is a regular at Kew gardens. Absorb what you see by photographing and writing.
Since 2010, it has been publishing annual medicinal plant calendars, three children’s books “Flower salad”, “Seeds on the loose” and “Aromatic gardens”. “Plants and health”, a guide to home remedies ”and“ A handful of healing plants, 55 spontaneous species in Portugal ”.
Organizes botanical tours and gives workshops on medicinal plants.
In Portugal, he continues to travel, enthusiastically sharing his knowledge of plants, writes in
gardening magazines and websites, has a course in the botanical garden guide at the University of Lisbon, having guided visits to the medicinal plants of the gardens of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Lisbon botanical garden, the aromatic garden in Funchal, the botanical garden of Faial, etc.
He built medicinal plant gardens in Capuchos and Pena, in Sintra, where he also trained.
Collaborates with Jardins magazine, with http://www.portaldojardim.com
There was a weekly entry on Radio Clube de Sintra (RCS) on these topics. She has been invited to participate in several television programs, mainly RTP 1. She has several writing projects in hands, feet, head, and heart. Enjoy communicating, gardening, traveling, writing and photographing



About Olivia Fite


Beauty and peace were the first two gifts plants gave me. While studying art in college, plants became my muses. Many years later, while struggling with chronic health problems, I rediscovered plants as medicine. Inspired by expanding and sharing this knowledge, I obtained a master’s degree in Western Clinical Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy) from the University of Maryland Integrative Health (2009-2012). For the past 8 years, I have worked as a herbalist, making my home remedies and giving classes, all aimed at empowering people to care for themselves and their families with useful and effective remedies while respecting the planet. I currently live in Lisbon with my Portuguese husband and our two daughters. I am very happy with the opportunity to share my love for herbal medicine with you here in Portugal.



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