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Keela Yoga Farm,


19th March – 19th April 2019 One Month food forest course
19th October – 26th October – One week food forest course
31st October – 1st November – Two day food forest course

Course Costs (excludes accommodation)
One month Course cost: EUR 500 early bird (700 normal)
One week course cost: EUR 300 per person early bird (400 normal)
Two day Course Cost: EUR 75 early bird (100 normal)
Early bird price more than three months before the course (booked and paid in full)
Please see below for accomodation costs

Keela Yoga Farm has three new food forests designed and planted for different functions during various food forest courses over the past two years. For more information on the food forests please read our website.

Course Outline during the weekend and one week course
- Enjoy a tour of our food forests, reforestation program, natural buildings and the farm
- Design and help to expand a new food forest
- Learn how to draw to scale drawings for design and planning
- Learn about the food soil web, how to make organic fertilisers and cultivate microbiology for the soil
- Discover how to properly research trees and their companions
- Learn how to design guilds and a food forest
- Plant trees and guilds based on your design in the food forest
- Propagate perennials to plant into next year’s food forests
- Learn how to design, select and buy irrigation systems
- Plan and perform earthworks for water catchment, swales or ponds
- Learn how to make compost piles, organic fertilisers and how to breed fungi and bacteria for the soil (teas)
- Workshops on fermentation, permaculture principles, applied technology and other farming related topics (one week and one moth course only)

Additional course topics during our one month course:
- Create beds for annuals in between the trees for planting to maximise the space in the food forests (only on the one month course)
-Learn and practice how to graft trees (only on the one month course in spring, however a demo will be showed on other courses)
- Opportunity to learn some natural building techniques (only on the one month course)
- Plant trees as part of our reforestation program outside of the new food forest (only on the one month course)
- Join the one day course about foraging for wild greens and weeds for edibles and medicinal plants with Raquel from the awakened life project (only on the one month course)
- Opportunity to learn carpentry skills for making items for the food forest such as cold frames, raised bed boxes or trellises (only on the one month course)
- 1 optional trip to either the local market, local community event, local sites or community work (5 EUR per per person to cover petrol and car hire)
- 1/2 day per week helping on a farm in the local community that needs it
- 1.5 days of to relax and study per week.

What else is included:
- Three healthy meals daily with lots of produce from our own land
- Daily yoga, meditation and pranayama classes with on site yoga teachers
- Have time to relax in nature
- Opportunity to explore the local area by foot or by mountain bike

Accomodation costs range from zero for your own tent to over 100eur for a better caravan. see booking form for details.



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