Thai Yoga Massage for Pregnancy - 3-day course in Lisbon

Katrin Heuser

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This course will provide you with all the knowledge and confidence to give a pregnant woman a complete and balanced Thai Yoga Massage, at any stage of their pregnancy.

Why is Thai Yoga Massage so great during pregnancy?
It has been proven that massage in general during pregnancy can help to reduce stress, release tension, balance hormone levels, improve the potential for successful delivery and promote the health of mother and baby. The advantage of Thai Yoga Massage for pregnancy is that it takes place on the floor and that we can use a range of bolsters, cushions and blankets and different body positions, so that the mother and the bump are supported and comfortable throughout the session and can fully enjoy the benefits of this gentle bodywork.

Pregnant women have reported a relief from nausea and fluid retention, release of tension in their back, around their hips and neck, an improvement in their breathing capacity, and the ability to sleep much better after having received a Thai Massage.

During pregnancy, many women feel a little overwhelmed, stressed and emotional. And those feelings naturally get stored in the body and translate into physical discomfort. As with all Eastern practices, in Thai Massage we work on the whole Being, looking to re-establish balance and harmony on all levels.

Course overview:
This course is for anyone with some prior Thai Massage training or similar bodywork experience and who wishes to have the techniques and confidence to give a complete and balanced 1.5h treatment to pregnant women. In this course you will learn:
- all the do's and dont's during the different stages of pregnancy
- how to use props such as bolsters, cushions, chairs, blankets appropriately to support mother and baby
- how to adjust moves to make them available to pregnant women
- to work more in side-lying and sitting position
- special techniques on the abdomen that are very soothing for both mother and baby
- to connect not only with the mother, but also the baby


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