Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 practitioner training

Katrin Heuser

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16h00 - 14h00

48 Horas



Casa do Limoeiro,


A wonderful opportunity to learn an ancient and powerful form of bodywork with countless benefits and to develop the skills to help people with their physical and emotional imbalances. At the same time this course offers the chance to embark on an ongoing journey of self-healing and spiritual deepening.

This course offers a deep foundation and detailed understanding of the principles of Thai Yoga Massage. By the end of this training you will be able to give a balanced 1.5h treatment.

Who is this course for?
- anyone interested to join the practitioner level course and train as a fully qualified Thai Yoga Massage therapist
- yoga teachers, therapists and bodyworkers who wish to expand their skills set
- individuals who wish to help family members or friends

What will you learn in this course?
- the principle of touch, which is the essence of Thai Yoga Massage
- background and benefits of Thai Yoga Massage
- embody the teachings of the Brahmavihara (loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, equanimity)
- energy line system (10 Sen)
- basic anatomy and physiology
- a selection of moves and techniques that allow you to give a safe and balanced 1-1.5h treatment to friends and family
- safe body mechanics
- a selection of moves and techniques you can integrate into other bodywork you practice or with 1-2-1 yoga students
- improve your hands-on adjustments as a yoga teacher and learn some partner work you can integrate into your classes

What previous participants say:
"I really, really love Kat's teaching and would recommend her to anyone feeling the call to Thai Yoga Massage. She creates a safe, peaceful and totally supportive environment, ideal for learning this beautiful practice. Each movement or concept is taught with precision, care and love. Kat is incredibly sensitive to the needs and gifts of each individual, and I felt my learning process was fully supported throughout Level 1 and 2. If you enjoy learning in small groups and in a peaceful but fun and friendly atmosphere, the Hadadi School is ideal. Nothing but love is found here. " ~ Claire

6th-14th September 2020
Investment: 590€
Non-refundable deposit: 200€

Casa do Limoeiro set amongst the rolling hills of Alenquer is the perfect setting offering the ideal environment for study, focus, connection and practice.

The schedule (typically)

Arrival day - everyone arriving in the afternoon. We will have dinner together and then join for a short session to connect.

Other days:
7.15-8.15am - Yoga (optional)
8.15am - breakfast
9.30am-1pm - class
1.15pm - lunch
4pm-6.30pm - class
7.30pm - dinner

On the last day we will have yoga, breakfast and class. Everyone will leave straight after lunch.

Cost for accommodation and food:

Level 1 (8 nights):
360€ - shared accommodation (4 beds)
400€ - shared accommodation (2 beds)
470€ - shared accommodation en-suite (2 beds)

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Rua Francisca de Meira, nº3 , Aldeia Galega da Merceana ,2580-081