Thai Yoga Massage Level 2 practitioner training

Katrin Heuser

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14 Set a 20 Set

16h00 - 14h00

36 Horas



Casa do Limoeiro,


Thai Yoga Massage comes from an ancient Buddhist tradition and is a unique combination of yoga, acupressure, meditation, physiotherapy and energy work. It is a holistic therapy form with the aim to restore the natural energy balance in body and mind.

This course offers a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner qualification - a wonderful opportunity to embark on a new career path. By the end of this training you will be able to give a 1.5-2h treatment with certain therapeutic applications.

Who is this course for?
- anyone who has completed level 1 or an equivalent course with another school (please contact me to discuss)
- yoga teachers, therapists and bodyworkers who wish to expand their skills set
- individuals who wish to help family members or friends

What will you learn in this course?
- connect more deeply with the meditative qualities of this practice
- learn to work with other body parts, e.g. using your feet, knees, elbows
- develop intuition and presence
- revisit moves and techniques learnt in the Level 1 course
- advanced postures and dynamic techniques
- specific therapeutic application to help with back pain, knee pain, digestive issues and headaches
- more understanding of anatomy and physiology relevant to these conditions
- learn how to deal with other conditions with the tools you have
how to sequence a complete treatment according to the needs of the receiver

14th-20th September 2020
Investment: 490€
Non-refundable deposit: 180€

Casa do Limoeiro set amongst the rolling hills of Alenquer is the perfect setting offering the ideal environment for study, focus, connection and practice.

The schedule (typically)

Arrival day - everyone arriving in the afternoon. We will have dinner together and then join for a short session to connect.

Other days:
7.15-8.15am - Yoga (optional)
8.15am - breakfast
9.30am-1pm - class
1.15pm - lunch
4pm-6.30pm - class
7.30pm - dinner

On the last day we will have yoga, breakfast and class. Everyone will leave straight after lunch.

Cost for accommodation and food:

Level 2 (6 nights):
270€ - shared accommodation (4 beds)
300€ - shared accommodation (2 beds)
350€ - shared accommodation en-suite (2 beds)



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Rua Francisca de Meira, nº3 , Aldeia Galega da Merceana ,2580-081